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In order to enjoy sex

Dr. D. de Haas, medical doctor & sexologist NVVS in Amsterdam


In order to enjoy sex

Dr. D. de Haas, medical doctor & sexologist NVVS in Amsterdam


Sexologist in Amsterdam and online

Dr. Debby de Haas, medical doctor and sexologist

Sex can be a source of happiness and pleasure that almost everyone can enjoy. Unfortunately, it can also be a source of trouble when sexual problems arise. I am happy to help you resolve these sexual problems. We will do this by helping you to shift your focus from performance to looking for pleasure and enjoyment in a lighthearted way. I, Debby de Haas, a medical doctor and sexologist in Amsterdam, offer help with questions, problems or complaints in the field of sexuality, intimacy or relationships. You can get personal and accessible help in the field of sexuality at my sexology practice in the East of Amsterdam or online during a video call.

Guidance with sexual problems

When we try to solve your sexual problems I, as a medical doctor and sexologist, always start with looking for possible physical illnesses or causes.

However, sexual complaints rarely arise by themselves but are often a reflection of whatever is already present in everyday life. It is a derivative of how you deal with your thoughts, emotions, body and surroundings. So, while solving your sexual problems, you will solve more than just your practical problem with sex. You will benefit in more aspects than just the sexual aspect. Often, for example, relationships, communication and your problem-solving abilities improve.

Due to my multidisciplinary background and the trainings I followed, I can offer you a treatment that is tailored to your needs. Because of my various expertise, I think in a layered manner in which the plan must be right on all these levels and provide a long-term solution.

I work this way because I am a Western medical doctor but also trained in Chinese medicine. Furthermore, I am an NVVS certified sexologist, with extensive training in psychotherapeutic techniques. I have a lot of experience with behavioral change, both through years of work as a sexologist and as a substance abuse doctor.

You can contact me for all sexological problems, for instance:

  • No lust or desire
  • Erectile problems
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Difficulty reaching orgasms
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Vaginismus
  • Sex addiction

You can also consult me for issues related to less common sexual interests, such as (BD)SM. Besides being an all-round sexologist, I specialize in less common sexuality/sexual preferences.

How does it work?

A combination of personal treatment and digital support
My treatment method consists of personal consultations tailored to your needs and teaching you therapeutic techniques that will solve your problems, instead of just applying these techniques on you. This is supported by e-learning. As a medical doctor and sexologist, I have developed a program called ‘digital sex help’. This program contains, on the one side, videos and e-books explaining sex problems and, on the other side, techniques that help you solve these problems. With the digital sex help program, you can work at home on what has been discussed during the therapy session. You can do this in your own time and as often as you want. The use of the digital sex help program is free in combination with my treatment. With digital seks help you need far fewer consultations to solve your sexual problem.

Only self-help?
The digital sex help program is also available as a standalone. In addition to the self-help program you have an optional video consultation in which we will do an intake. During this intake, I will give you the necessary guidance and tools to effectively get started with the digital sex aid. Furthermore, you have an optional 45 minutes of additional video consultation time, which allows you to use my guidance later if needed. About my online sexologist program, I would be happy to inform you further.

The first appointment is almost always possible within a week. There are two evenings per week in which I do consultations. In the first 15 minutes of the intake there are no financial obligations, so we can assess whether we have a ‘connection’. During the first consultation, we look at what is needed to solve your problems. This might require/involve conversations, alone or with your partner, medication or a referral to another specialist in my network. This results in a specific treatment plan for you as a guideline for the treatment.

At my practice or via video call
With a video call you call another person while also seeing each other. Video calling has proven to be just as effective as a live treatment. In my experience video calling works just as well as direct contact at my practice. It also has the added benefit of being in your own familiar environment. For instance on your own couch with a cup of coffee. You have no travel time and it’s still safer than face-to-face contact. I would like to invite you to experience this in a non-obligatory fifteen minutes conversation. Fortunately, it is now also possible again to receive you personally in my practice.

Contact details:

The practice is in Amsterdam East at Camperstraat 38 (at the back of OLVG-Oost; metro stop Wibautstraat, tram 3, several buses).

Opening hours:

Monday and Tuesday 13.00 – 22.00
Thursday and Friday 10.00 – 19.00

Debby de Haas is registered as a medical doctor by means of the BIG and a member of the NVVS (Dutch Association for Sexology). Your health insurance can reimburse the treatments. A referral from the general practitioner is not necessary.

If you are looking for a sexologist in Amsterdam or online, call 020-6651066 or e-mail me via info@seksuoloog.nu. For help, further information, or a free consultation.

Let’s meet up
Let’s meet up

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